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A collaboration of arts and change. We collaborate art with zero-waste products and transform them into elegant authenticity. As two creative souls finding ways to help heal the earth with handmade crafts of earth-friendly products. ✨

• Rukata (Finnish) •
Means “Revamping”, we will remake, renovate, reconstruct and recycle to create beautifully elegant and authentic handmade crafts of earth-friendly products. ✨


We aim to help preserve the earth with eco-friendly products. So all of our products are from recycled papers, boxes, and dried flowers. That is why we are called "Rukata", we are revamping our materials for you with art to create beautifully authentic handmade crafts.


Indonesia is filled with loads of beautiful herbs and spices. With the saying of “Not all treasures are silver and gold”, Ar.kata aims to show the world one of Indonesia’s overlooked treasures, with the help of your sense of smell.


Also, 10% of every purchase is donated to an Orphanage in Lombok at the end of every month!

P.s: we will upload the amount of donation too